Why WordPress Is The preferred cms for small business


Why WordPress Is The Preferred CMS For Small Business

WordPress started as a blogging platform.

Its main appeal lay in the intuitive interface, which made operating it more manageable. Users could easily tap into this service and publish their thoughts and opinions online. And even though WordPress has evolved significantly in the past few years to a point where one can use it to develop eCommerce stores, it remains, at its heart, how it began – a Content Management System (CMS).

By its basic definition, CMS applications are essentially content managing applications (CMA) interfaced with a content distribution application (CDA). The former accepts content while the latter displays it in a presentable manner. As a result, WordPress makes it easier to maintain a website (or an online presence) without the involvement of a webmaster. Hence, it is no surprise that WordPress powers nearly 41.4% of all websites!

Naturally, this quality of accessibility and the platform’s popularity attracts those that wish to tap into its potential. If you are one such small business considering the possibility of leveraging WordPress as a CMS, then this post is perfect for you. Here, you can find the many reasons why you should adopt WordPress as your go-to CMS!

WordPress is Effectively Free and Open Source

As a small business, you would naturally seek options that minimise your upfront cost. Luckily, WordPress has got your back!

Whether you wish to launch a business blog or kickstart your store – one of the greatest pulls towards WordPress lies in the fact that you can use it for free.

You do not have to shell out money if you start attracting high volume traffic, nor do you have to pay for expanding your content library. Similarly, you do not have to download any software and purchase or subscribe to its services since it is a browser-based application. As a result, you can get online without having to invest heavily in the digital infrastructure. Your only expenses would be the hosting and domain charges, which are reasonably priced!

Plus, WordPress is an open-source CMS platform, which means you can use and customise it however you like. We will get into the individual benefits associated with open source platforms in the later sections.

It is Easy to Use and Setup

Even if you are not a tech-savvy individual, navigating the WordPress environment is not tough. You basically have to sign up and choose a theme to get started! All the configuration is carried out at the back end, with personalisation being your sole responsibility. WordPress is as good as a black box that only accepts necessary inputs from the user and delivers the desired results without delving into the under-the-hood activities.

And because it is essentially a GUI-based platform, learning the ropes would be easy even for a layperson. The gentle learning curve ensures that you can explore all functionalities quickly and enhance your existing capabilities. Once you get the hang of things and have the basic skeleton of your website ready, you can build upon it through various extensions and plugins to make it fully functional and self-sufficient!

It Expedites the Digital Transformation Process

Since we are already on the topic of establishing your online presence, the rate at which you can do so also matters. Time to market can be a critical consideration for businesses that wish to capitalise on the shifting or variable market trends. And in this case, when choosing between a platform that deploys in 2-3 weeks versus a custom platform that takes months, business owners would prefer the former.

However, with WordPress, you get the best of both! Since the platform takes care of all the technical aspects, you can execute the bare minimum and go live swiftly with no downtime. A template based website may take as little as a few hours to a maximum of 24 hours to put you on the digital map with minimal customisation! On the other hand, the more customisable WordPress.org website could take about a few days to a week, which is not bad either, considering that you get a website tailored to your tastes.

Basically, WordPress can get you up and running in no time!

It Can generate organic traffic

Search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo are the primary source of organic traffic to most websites. Hence, if you wish for your small business to gain visibility, you will have to ensure that you are in the search engine’s good books. But how does one do this? Through Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Every small business must familiarise itself with the concept of SEO and how it affects website growth and discoverability.

Even in its out-of-the-box form, WordPress is extremely SEO-friendly. It makes data highly scannable, which, in turn, simplifies the job of a search engine crawler. Resultantly, they can thoroughly scrutinise your content, identify the keywords to assess the relevance, and recommend your website to your target audience. In addition to on-page SEO considerations, WordPress also takes care of other SEO elements such as HTML markups, permalinks, media optimisation, etc.

Plus, you can expand on these capabilities through additional tools. All you need to do is interface your WordPress CMS with plugins like Yoast SEO, and you will see a remarkable increase in your incoming organic traffic!

You can build bespoke websites

You only have 50 milliseconds to make a lasting impression on your site visitors. And with competing businesses mushrooming all over the digital realm, you need to stand out to get noticed. So the quickest way to get noticed is through an attractive website.

WordPress users can add native features and functionalities to their website as an open-source CMS development platform by making relevant changes to the source code. If you visit WordPress forums, you will find pre-written code that you can reuse or extend depending on the requirements. However, do bear in mind that you may have to hire a skilled developer to carry out the task, which might incur some costs but is well worth an investment depending on the complexities of your requirements.

Apart from the technical customisation, WordPress also offers ample scope for visual personalisation. WordPress comes with a variety of themes that you can use to design your website. Most of the predesigned themes are available free of cost with regular support from the developer. For something more elaborate, you can purchase themes that are available at a nominal cost.

Even the popular themes offer customisation where you can use its simple drag and drop features to build pages. Choose from a preset colour palette or select your scheme, and don’t forget about the typography. What’s more, you can make thematic changes even when your website is live, and the changes will load and display instantaneously!

All in all, WordPress makes it easier to create a unique website.

It Comes Equipped with cyber security features

As a small business, gaining customer trust should be your primary goal. And you cannot achieve this feat without building a robust, highly secure platform. If you think this statement is an exaggeration, then consider this: 81% of individuals would stop engaging after a data breach incident. Imagine the consequences for small businesses, where it could result in serious financial problems!

The message is pretty clear – customers expect businesses to protect them, and failure to do so can result in massive erosion of trust.

If data and platform security are your concern, then WordPress will not disappoint.

WordPress releases frequent updates and security patches that ensure that your site security is top-notch. Apart from these basic security measures, you can also use plugins to reinforce cybersecurity and make your website virtually impenetrable. And as always, you can prepare for the worst by regularly creating backups for your website.

WordPress offers versatility and scalability

Even if you are a small business now, it does not mean that you will stay this way forever! And if you are investing in a platform and using it to build your online presence, you would naturally want that association to last long term.

Luckily for you, WordPress offers a high degree of versatility to maintain high performance in content management. Plus, you enjoy support through thousands of plugins that allow you to augment your website with features and functionalities such as contact forms, media gallery, carousel banners, social media integration, events calendar, newsletter signups, mailing lists, and more!

Managing incoming traffic is another aspect of scalability that one needs to attend to. Your website must be in a position to handle the uptick in incoming traffic as your business grows. Failure to account for this change can put a strain on your servers, resulting in downtime, which translates to customer dissatisfaction, higher attrition rates, and loss of revenue. WordPress can comfortably scale up or down as per your business requirements and won’t even charge you for it!

As your small business grows and matures, so would your WordPress website!

Easy to optimise for mobile

Mobile devices account for 54.18% of the global internet traffic. Search engines are rewarding businesses that follow a mobile-first approach upon sensing this shifting preference towards mobile devices. Hence, you can capitalise on cross-device compatibility to gain a competitive edge and improve visibility!

Interestingly, WordPress comes with built-in functionalities that allow you to design highly responsive websites. To drive these results, you will require a responsive WordPress theme that accommodates various screen ratios and carries out image or content scaling for optimum display. Most WordPress themes are automatically responsive and offer cross-device compatibility with dynamic and low latency response rates. Additionally, the mobile-first design applies not just to your website theme but also extends to the applications and email templates.

It can seamlessly integrate with existing tools

While building your digital empire, you may have preferences for certain digital tools and applications. Your attachment to them may be stronger if you have been using them for quite a while now.

For instance, consider a situation where you started your business on a platform like Instagram and are now making things official with a website. You would naturally want to integrate your newly developed site with Instagram so that you can redirect customers and generate brand awareness.

The same applies in the case of email marketing tools or performance monitoring tools.

Given the popularity of WordPress, you will find several plugins and APIs that allow you to seamlessly connect with these third-party applications, platforms, and software applications. As a result, you can introduce them as an integral part of your workflow without missing out on their benefits.

You become part of a thriving community

Considering that WordPress occupies the lion’s share of the CMS market, it goes without saying that it enjoys immense support from its user base and developer community. This fact is a subliminal message that while using WordPress, be it setting up from scratch or migration from another platform; help is always around the corner.

WordPress forums are a hotspot of actionable content that can guide beginners and experts alike. You can refer to these to hone your WordPress skills and extract maximum value from the CMS platform. Furthermore, if you cannot find solutions at these data repositories, you can always seek help in real-time. These communities are highly active, and you are bound to find answers in almost no time!

While you can draw several benefits from the WordPress community to build, operate, and manage your website by yourself, you can also make part-time hirings to fulfill immediate requirements. Finding talent without breaking the bank is another point in favor of WordPress.

Thanks to this level of support, WordPress is on the path to continuous growth and improvement.

Concluding Thoughts

If you plan to build a content-rich website, you need to place your bets on a champion like WordPress. It possesses the power and potential to elevate your small business and manifest a strong web presence without weighing down on your pockets. Big brands like Wall Street Journal, Coca-Cola, Mozilla, Mashable, and NASA use WordPress to connect with their audiences, and given all the reasons above, we don’t see why you shouldn’t too!

If you need guidance regarding website management, WordPress plugins, or design, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We have the experience to implement any solution you require!

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